Профессиональный гитарист.

Автор учебных пособий.


Александр Комаров was born in Ukraine and start his music career at the age of 13 from playing in cover bands in school and teaching how to play guitar to his friends in the town. Later this hobby became to a real profession: session guitar playing and guitar teaching. Alex writes educational guitar books and creates educational YouTube videos that you can check on his English(link) and Russian(link) languages YouTube channels. For a current moment Alex working on his own songs and planning release album. About 15 years performing in different styles from classic rock and blues to traditional jazz, funk, fusion and neo-soul. Alex always opens for sessions job, teaching masterclasses and other creative activities and collaborations with artists all over the world.




Александр Комаров

Online Sessions

Also you have an option to ask Alex to write guitar parts for your song in his
home studio. All parts are recorded using professional studio equipment
and exported in high quality, lossless WAV format. No travel costs,
equipment to transport, or studio fees means a lower cost than an in-
person studio session.

Александр Комаров


Alex Komarov is very excited about teaching. He is
author of the book “Guitar Fretboard Thinking and Theory”. You can check
his masterclasses or participate in the private guitar Skype lessons

Александр Комаров

Session Job

Alex ready for collaboration with touring artists all over the world. He can
be a part of your band as a session guitar player or studio musician.